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“A natural, fast-acting, vegan anti-wrinkle serum clinically tested on real patients with proven results”

Breaking News

NO-TOX® compared to doctor prescribed RETINOIDS

NO TOX® has been approved for a registered clinical trial (NOVRET STUDY) against prescription retinoids. Because NO TOX® and doctor-prescribed retinoids (potent retinols) such as Tretinoin have both been shown to reduce wrinkles, this study is a direct comparison of the two treatments. This is a randomized clinical trial that has been registered (ACTRN12621001735842p) within the WHO (World Health Organization) Registry Network.

Why Choose NO-TOX®?

Medically tested on real people

NO‑TOX® is the only anti-wrinkle serum on the market which has been medically tested in clinical trials on real people with results independently validated in the Journal of Clinical & Cosmetic Dermatology. NO‑TOX® is manufactured under license in the USA in a facility that holds an FDA drug manufacturing license.

What is unique about NO-TOX®?

Unlike other needle-free serums, NO‑TOX® is medically proven based on clinical trials on real women. The unique formulation of NO‑TOX® is a trade-secret held in Dr Paul’s lab, based on proprietary ingredients without paralytic toxins or harmful ingredients.

NO‑TOX® does not contain parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), urea derivatives, formaldehyde donors, artificial fragrances or colors, isothiazolinones, gluten or palm oil. Needless to say, NO‑TOX® is cruelty-free with absolutely no animal testing.

“In my 25 years of skin medical practice and research, I have found that what works in a petri dish in the lab does not always translate onto people’s skin. That’s why we were excited to launch NO‑TOX® in the USA”

Dr Sharad Paul

Based in New Zealand, Dr Paul has published and lectured widely on skin cancer medicine and surgical procedures, and is the author of popular bestsellers, Skin, a Biography (4th Estate), The Genetics of Health (Simon and Schuster) and TEDx Talks.

25+ years

150,000+ patients

100+ research papers

Achievements & Awards

  • 2001: Clinical Achievement Award
  • 2003: Health Innovation Award (NZ Ministry of Health)
  • 2012: NZ Medical Association’s highest Award, The Chair’s Award, only awarded to one doctor in the country across all specialties at a time
  • 2015: Ko Awatea International Excellence Award for Leading Skin Healthcare Improvement on a Global Scale

What others say about Dr Paul, his medical work, and skin research

  • "Open heart(ed) surgeon" - TIME Magazine
  • "One of the most inspiring, intelligent and compassionate men you are likely to meet" - New Zealand Medical Association
  • "... presents a new paradigm in skin lines... although this new approach to skin tension lines seems somewhat deviant, it is comforting to have a model based on scientific data" - Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
  • "First major new concept in skin tension lines since Langer’s cleavage lines in 1861" - Nature Springer

“I have always said one cannot have bad health and good skin. In some ways, NO‑TOX® is really a philosophy on good living, a wellness product”



Rich in omega- and omega-3, this plant extract moisturises skin without clogging pores making NO‑TOX® non-comedogenic. A super-food, this is the first time it finds itself in a wrinkle-reducing serum formulation.

✔ Small tip: It is one of the richest sources of plant-based omega-3.


Hyaluronic acid is natural sugar molecule found in skin, and it helps to bind water to collagen thereby making skin moisturized, plumper, and firmer. Commonly found in injectable dermal fillers.

✔ Small tip: Our unique formulation allows for easy absorption without first spraying skin with water.


Copper in combination with these amino acids helps assemble collagen.

✔ Small tip: Copper containing foods include nuts (like cashews) and oysters.


From marine algae, this is a plankton‑based micronutrient and rich in B vitamins.

✔ Small tip: This is like using a conditioner for your skin. From green algae, this chlorophyte is rich in antioxidants.

✔ Small tip: Think of this as biofuel for your skin.


Vitamin C, except we have cleverly formulated an alkaline form to prevent its inactivation by copper (as can happen in some other vitamin C serums).

✔ Small tip: Save money as you don't need any other vitamin C serum.


Vitamin B3, this not only reduces fine lines and wrinkles, but also improves uneven skin tones.

✔ Small tip: For those prone to skin cancer, taking Niacinamide as an oral supplement can help reduce crusty skin and precancerous growths.

Full Ingredients

Water, glycerin, niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed plukenetia volubilis seed extract, panthenol, disodium EDTA, methylglucoside phosphate, copper lysinate/prolinate, lecithin, ruttnera lamellosa oil, watanabea reniformis oil, sodium ascorbate, tocopherol, sodium citrate, ethylhexylglycerin, phenoxyethanol, citric acid, sodium benzoate (incidental).

How It Works

Our results were just published in the Journal of Clinical & Cosmetic Dermatology, Volume 4, Issue 4. Unlike other anti-wrinkle serums, our clinical trials were undertaken on real women with independently-validated results. Read the full article here:

Read Journal Article
NO-TOX® Clinical Trials Results Published In Journal of Clinical & Cosmetic Dermatology, Volume 4, Issue 4

NO-TOX® No Needles. No Toxins. Real Tests. Real People.

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No Needles. No Toxins.
Real Tests. Real People.

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How To Apply

Application depends on your skin type and whether you are using NO‑TOX® for PREVENTION or TREATMENT. NO‑TOX® is a topical serum (no needles) with detailed instructions below.

In general, you drop 4-5 drops onto your finger tips and gently smoothe onto skin, as if you were painting your face. Any excess can be patted in. Do not rub, and wait until serum dries completely.

To Treat Lines and Wrinkles

Apply 4-5 drops twice daily and gently smoothe into your lines and wrinkles. Avoid getting product into your eyes. If any serum is left on your fingers, pat it onto surrounding areas gently.

As a Super-Serum to Prevent Signs of aging

If you are looking to prevent signs of aging, then NO‑TOX® can be applied once daily before bedtime after cleansing your face. Gently apply 2-3 drops onto your fingers and smoothe onto cheeks.

Helping Customers Achieve Youthful Skin


"I have tried lots of other creams and serums in the past, but I just find that nothing works like NO‑TOX® does."

- Jo W.


"I have noticed a significant reduction in the lines around my mouth. I am very happy with NO‑TOX® because I know it's naturally based."

- Julie M.

NO-TOX® Testimonial 49 Year Old Woman Fewer Wrinkles
NO-TOX® Testimonial 49 Year Old Woman More Youthful Skin


"My friend recommended NO‑TOX®, and I've been using it for 3 days. I thought you'd be interested in my progress. I'm not a Botox user, and I'm 49. I'm sending you a picture before use, and a picture on Day 3. Such improvement already! I'll send you a picture on day 7. Love the product!"

- Denise K.

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"My partner keeps commenting how much better my skin is looking and this is just after 3 weeks. Congratulations on getting such a superb product to market. I'm grateful and spreading the word!"

- Michelle S.


"NO‑TOX® has made a huge difference already with the lines around my mouth and on my forehead and it’s only been 3 weeks of using it twice a day! Can’t believe it, thank you again."

- Georgia H.


"Within just days of using the product I noticed reduced wrinkles around the eye area, particularly above the eyelids. Also, the lower cheeks / jaw areas feel slightly firmer."

- Maree D.


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"Finally something that works! I've tried a lot of antiwrinkle serums which saw little to no changes over the months. Using NO‑TOX® after 2 weeks, I saw visible results around my eyes and mouth."

- Ruby M.


"NO‑TOX® was suggested by a friend of mine who has recently been using it. I've been using on my face, neck and hands and have been seeing great results! Would recommend!"

- Sally L.


"I just brought a bottle and this is like skin nectar! I saw visible results in just a week. My face feels tight, rejuvenated, and smoother. A subscription of this is definitely worth it."

- Heather W.


"The small bottle works magic on my skin! I use this every night and have seen wrinkles around my eyes, mouth and neck smoothen out."

- Angela Z.


"I really enjoyed this product! It left my skin moisturized and glowing, and not oily. Was thoroughly surprised how well priced it was in comparison to other well known brands. Great value & outcomes!"

- Tracy R.


"Such a great antiwrinkle serum! It can be used on any skin type. My skin looks and feels plumped, hydrated, while softening fine wrinkles."

- Yvonne E.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is NO-TOX® vegan?

Yes, of course. NO-TOX® is certified vegan and does not include the use of any animal products, including the production of collagen. It is the only non-toxin-based anti-wrinkle serum on the market today which can claim this.

Why is NO-TOX® Sold on a Subscription?

The results of NO‑TOX® on your skin typically last 3-6 weeks, hence we sell via subscription. But don't worry, we use an easy-to-use subscription service, so you are guaranteed to have your skin regimen delivered to your door without the hassle of going into stores as often as you like. NO‑TOX® does not require a prescription from your doctor or pharmacy given it includes natural proprietary ingredients only. We think NO‑TOX® is a great alternative to injectables because it’s cheaper, free of toxins and does not require the use of needles which increases the chance of skin infections.

Can I Cancel My NO-TOX® Subscription?

Yes totally! Unlike other products, customer service and transparent billing is a fundamental part of the way we do business. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked with 1-click in your account. See our full Terms & Conditions at checkout.

Can I Buy NO-TOX® As a One-Off Purchase?

Of course. As a valued customer the choice is yours. You can buy once, often, or anytime you wish.

Does NO-TOX® Work on All Skin Types?

NO‑TOX® has been specially tested and formulated to work with ALL skin tones and skin types - normal, oily and combination skin types. Essentially, it's a topical application (no needles) where you apply a few drops to areas of skin you want to treat.

Can NO-TOX® Be Used with Other Skin Products?

Yes, however there are a few points to remember:

  1. Allow NO‑TOX® to dry fully and wait for 10 minutes before applying any other product.
  2. While NO‑TOX® is mostly plant- and plankton-based, it contains the trace mineral copper which helps assemble amino acids needed to produce collagen. Copper inactivates vitamin C. Therefore, if you are using a vitamin C serum, AVOID using it at the same time and make sure it is used at a different time of the day, several hours apart.
  3. Dr Paul’s unique formulation of NO‑TOX® contains hyaluronic acid (HA) that is easily absorbed. Unlike some other HA serums where you have to apply water to skin first to help absorption, there is NO need to do that.

Can NO-TOX® Cause Skin Sensitivity?

Because NO‑TOX® contains hyaluronic acid (HA) some people may develop skin irritation. Studies in medical journals show that this happens in less than 0.1% of the time. In our clinical trial, NONE of the participants reported any side effects. In most cases this settles down with time, but if it persists you may have to discontinue use.

NO-TOX® For Hand and Neck Areas

Our customers have given us feedback that they have noted significant improvement on backs of hands, and neck areas with continued use of NO‑TOX®.

Can I Use NO-TOX® with Injectables or Botox®?

Some customers continue to use BOTOX® to paralyse forehead muscles and use NO‑TOX® over the rest of the face. In our clinical study NO‑TOX® was effective in all areas, with maximal benefit around the mouth and eyelid/crow’s feet regions.